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The peaceful town of Rancho Santa Fe is located in 20 miles North from San Diego Central and 6 miles Midland from Solana Beach. It has 7,000 inhabitants with a stunning view of rolling mountains sprinkled with eucalyptus and orange groves.

A total of 3,117 Rancho Santa Fe population had been reported by the US Census in 2010. The report also states that the density of the population is 459.2 people per square mile. Rancho Santa Fe racial makeup was 93.4% (2,910) White, 5.6% (176) people are Latino or Hispanic of any race, 2.8% (87) are Asians, African-American was about 0.3% (10) of the population. 0.1% (4) is Pacific Islander and 0.0% (1) is Native American. 1.9% or 60 more people came from two or more races while 1.4% (45) is composed of other races.

In 2011, Rancho Santa Fe was ranked as the 14th town who have the richest zip code in the US as announced by Forbes. It is also ranked 4th as the most luxurious in the country. In the same year, the average house for sale in Rancho Santa Fe cost $2,585.

In 2012, CNN Money declared the zip code rating of Rancho Santa Fe at 96% in the United States, a record of neighbors with the ultimate portion of million-dollar houses. This is the place where there are horses in each barn and there are Mercedes in every garage of the community.


The community wouldn’t be called the most affluent zip code without the presence of the affluent personalities. One of them was the late actor and singer Bing Crosby.

In 1937, the actor hosted a golf tournament and it was known as the “Bing Crosby Clambake”. This tournament was held at Rancho Santa Fe Country Club before it was moved to Monterey Peninsula in 1947. This tournament is star-studded, with Hollywood stars as the players pitted against the real professionals. The scene brings a huge crowd.

Apart from celebrities, Rancho Santa Fe is the favorite place of well-off retirees and politicians. High-technology entrepreneurs are also increasing in numbers. Seven to eight figures records in real estate are very common in this area.

Golf is one thing that attracts affluent personalities, the community is another and of course, the houses in Rancho Santa Fe is beyond compare when it comes to comfort and elegant style. If you want to feel like a celebrity or at least have celebrities as your neighbor then this is the place for you.

Former Notable Residents:

Bing Crosby – a singer and an actor
Clair Burgener – former congressman
Glen Bell – Taco Bell founder
George J. Lewis – an actor
Howard Hughes – aerospace engineer, aviator, business magnate, film maker, investor, and philanthropist
Jackson D. Arnold – a retired Admiral, USN
Joan Kroc – widow of Ray Kroc, McDonald's founder, and philanthropist
Lilian Jennette Rice – designed civic center and The Inn of Rancho Santa Fe, an early 20th-century architect
Milburn Stone – an actor
Pete Rozelle - former NFL commissioner
Sidney Frank – liquor promotions billionaire
Victor Mature – film, stage and television actor

Current Notable Residents:

Bill Gates – entrepreneur, former Microsoft chairman, software executive, and philanthropist.
Bud Black – major league pitcher 1981 – 1995, Anaheim Angels Pitching coach 2000-2006, San Diego Padres manager 2007-2015
Gordon Hayward – Boston Celtics professional basketball player
Jelena Jankovic - former #1 Serbian professional tennis player
Jenny Craig – founder of Jenny Craig Inc. and a weight loss guru
John Moores – former regent of University of California, former San Diego Padres owner, philanthropist
Mike Love – singer and songwriter of the Beach Boys
Phil Mickelson – professional golfer
Steve Finley – former baseball player of the major league
Taylor Fritz – Junior Boys’ Single Champion of 2015 US Open and professional tennis player
Warren Barton – former English football player