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Pacific Highlands Ranch



Luxury homes in San Diego can be found at Pacific Highlands Ranch. Its coastal-close location makes it the most in demand community in the county. Situated in Carmel Valley, the Ranch is enclosed by 1,300 acres of preserved natural habitat which is 49% of the community. It is a community filled with notable energy-efficient homes. Amenities include a convenient shopping center, top ranking schools, private recreation center, multi-use trail system for biking and hiking.


Pacific Highlands Ranch is a 2,652 acres residential community in the northern part of San Diego, California. Pardee Homes is the major developer of the community and most of the community was developed in 2000s. Pacific Highlands is bordered to the north by Rancho Santa Fe and Fairbanks Ranch, to the west by Carmel Valley, to the east by Torrey Highlands and to the south by Del Mar Mesa.



  • At Pacific Highlands Ranch, you have a place for everything. You can enjoy a glass of wine and have fun with your friends at the Village where you can find various restaurants. Among them are the following:

Crudo By Pascal Lorange

Crudo is inspired by Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine which is a perfect pair with a great wine. The ingredients are authentic and the wine list is sophisticated and elegant. You can sip your vino while enjoying the sun at the Crudo’s patio.

Dolce at the Highlands

Dolce, on the other hand, is inspired by Italian and California cuisine. You can enjoy their delectable menu either in the alfresco on the patio or in the elegant dining room. The full bar of wine has more than 200 bottles to choose from.

  • Enjoy playing sports with your neighbor at bocce ball court.
  • There is also a public library where you can walk your kids into and tell them stories.
  • If you are a dog lover, you will be thrilled to know that there is a dog park where you can run your dog freely.
  • There is also a community garden where you can walk, relax and breath a fresh air.
  • Affluent homeowners will find it easier to enjoy the San Diego sun with the newly open Solterra Swim Club.
  • On the nearby areas, you can also enjoy Torrey Pines State Beach and Del Mar beaches.
  • You also have the opportunities to appreciate other recreational areas in the neighbor community like the Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve, the Torrey Pines State Reserve, the Del Mar Fairgrounds and the Del Mar Racetrack.
  • Tunnels are another local attraction in the area, which the path leads to the top of a mesa and through old-growth oaks grove. On the mesa, there are many vernal pools, which are becoming harder to find in San Diego. Despite the delicate condition of the area, it is still open for the public to enjoy.

Pacific Highland Ranch is the home for everyone who is dreaming for a luxurious lifestyle in a master-planned, sustainable and walkable community.