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Rancho Santa Fe isn’t famous for nothing. If there is one place you can have the best of both worlds, it is The Ranch. You can experience both the city life and a country life in this place. You can go ride a horse in a minute and go shopping in a world class boutique in a little while. You can enjoy the privacy inside and have fun at the beach outside.

The area is prestigious of its beauty and tranquility. Affluent personalities make the community even more interesting. From politicians to athletes and entrepreneurs, you can see them all here. They bought a second home in Rancho Santa Fe either to retire or just to live a comfortable and a peaceful life.



It is also a great way to start a family in Rancho Santa Fe. You can sleep soundly knowing that you have security round the clock. You can have peace of mind at work, knowing that your family is in a good place. Raising your children here is a great idea. Schools are great, friendly and safe and just a walking distance from home. Same goes with shopping center and parks. Family bonding activities are numerous in this area. You can start teaching your kids to play sports by joining little league. It is hard to beat the family friendly environment of Rancho Santa Fe, it is always sunny so you can have all the fun!



Living in Rancho Santa Fe is like having a vacation without living your home. Once you enter in, you don’t want to live. One of the famous athletes that fall in love with the place is Steve Kerr, the retired professional basketball player and now coach of the NBA champion team Golden State Warriors. He was previously invited by his ex-teammate Buechler for a vacation in North County for several off seasons until he decided to move from Pacific Palisades to Rancho Santa Fe in 2004.

This is his exact words defining the community:

"I like the pace of life here, it's more laid-back, more active, more about lifestyle than anything else. I love to surf, golf, play tennis, and those opportunities are more available here than in Pacific Palisades.”


Why are celebrities here?

Aside from its convenient location where you have an easy access to freeway and unbeatable climate, people here are very casual. Celebrities can have the privacy they longed for. Residents will leave you at peace, you can walk freely in the neighborhood without worrying about people stalking you around.


Rancho Santa Fe homes are the hottest to affluent retirees. This is the place where you can loosen up, relax and just be happy.

If you want to live a balanced life, be full of positive vibes and live in America’s wealthiest ZIP codes, then here is a home for you. There is no other place you may want to live than in this community. Rancho Santa Fe is perfection!